Middagsfrid – food packaging

“For the Middagsfrid food packaging series we asked illustrator Peter Herrman to sit down with the client and listen to all that they had to say about their history and future, their ambitions, their products and their production. All this was incorporated into a detailed illustration that is used as a base for all packagings.”


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The Dieline Awards 2011: First Place – Steve’s Leaves – The Dieline

Entrant: Big Fish Design Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Food A

Description: We were asked to create a brand for Britain’s finest salad growers. We found a man in the company who had a degree in watercress. His name was Steve Rothwell. He was clearly the mastermind behind their delicious, tender baby leaves so we suggested naming the brand “Steve’s Leaves”. They loved it. At the time, the salad fixture in supermarkets was one big impenetrable green hedge-like wall where everything looked the same. We seized the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and depicted Steve’s hand picking the leaves on the front with bright colours that reflected the intense flavours of these naturally delicious little leaves. We made the bags “one serve” portion size, which allowed people to mix and match varieties instead of just buying one big bag.

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M Savers – The Dieline

Beautiful example of a two color packaging for a value product line!

“Brand design agency Coley Porter Bell has rebranded Morrisons’ entry level ‘value’ range as part of the retailer’s strategic overhaul of its own-brand offering. The rebrand is part of the biggest design brief in the UK this year. The aim is to strengthen the Morrisons brand and increase the share of its own products bought by customers by transforming Morrisons’ own label into a coherent own-brand. The redesign will roll out over the next 18 months.

The ‘Morrisons Value’ line has been renamed ‘M Savers’ to reflect its consumer benefit. The new designs confidently express the Morrisons brand with an iconic charcoal grey roundel bearing the letter M in white.

This core logo is accompanied by hand-crafted product illustrations of product silhouettes and shapes in a naivist style. Backgrounds are all white but the illustrations are in a range of bright foody colours.

Within the illustrations, simple product descriptors are written in a bespoke type-face created by senior Coley Porter Bell designer Craig Barnes.

So far 350 skus have been redesigned. The new designs and branding will be rolled out to cover the entire range a within the next 2 months.

Stephen Bell , creative director of Coley Porter Bell , said the redesign aims to inject real brand values into Morrisons’ entry level products. “This is value for the times we live in. Value ranges tend to be somewhat utilitarian , using template designs and basic corporate colours. Research shows that consumers are often ashamed to be seen with them. But with the economy stalled for the foreseeable future, value ranges will be competing on more than just price. We wondered why shouldn’t entry level products have some charm and engagement?”

He said that the new designs reflect a change in Morrisons’ entire brand architecture. “Morrisons’ new positioning is all about food culture and a human touch. These designs , which look handcrafted and quirky , contribute to the feeling that even Morrisons’ most humble products have been cared for by people. We’d like people to raise a little smile when they see these designs.

Carol Turner Head of Design for Morrisons said that the changes were not simply cosmetic. ‘Our ambition is to be the brand worth crossing the road for and for the M Savers range the best quality possible at an affordable price. We’ve upped quality and altered the range based on genuine customer feedback through brand panels and now we are injecting real personality into our products through design too. These designs are engaging and completely unique.”"

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Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Light Show – Creativity Online

Snowflakes and bubbles.

Snowflakes meet bubbles in this year’s projection mapping spectacular for Saks’ Fifth Avenue flagship store, created by Iris. The light show launched November 21 with a performance by the American Ballet Theater and will run till January 6. It includes opening and closing windows, pipes that come out of the windows and a giant clock which acts as a permanent feature counting down the time until the next projection.

Shoppers can also scan QR codes on the windows of Saks which see them redirected to a mobile site where they can watch the projection and find out about Saks. Saks’ holiday windows are sponsored by FIAT and MasterCard Worldwide.

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Starbucks Holiday Coffee | The Inspiration Room

Starbucks has released its 2011 holiday themed coffee blends, with specially designed packaging for Christmas Blend beans, Holiday Blend beans, Decaf Christmas Blend beans, 30 oz Christmas Blend beans, and Ready Brew Christmas Blend.

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IKEA: Manland – Creativity Online

Put your guy in a creche.For years, IKEA has offered a creche for children whose parents can’t face dragging them round the store. And now, it’s offering one for men.IKEA Australia came up with the concept of Manland – a creche where husbands and boyfriends who hate shopping can hang out, watch TV play table football, eat hotdogs and play Xbox games. There’s even a buzzer that goes off when it’s time to pick them up – just like the kiddie creche, Smaland.Manland is being trialled for four days this Father’s Day weekend in IKEA’s Homebush Bay store in Sydney. What we’d like to know, though, is when the women’s version will be available? Surely chilling out with a manicure while the men deal with the boxes and flatpack assembly would go down just as well……Video courtsey of News.com.au

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Selfridges: Project Ocean

A marine-themed call to action.

Upscale London retailer Selfridges is challenging the public to imagine a world with ‘no more fish in the sea’ by transforming its store into a marine-themed experience.’Project Ocean’, designed as a call-to-action to address the issues of sustainability, overfishing and marine protection, is being run in conjunction with the Zoological Society of London.

Creative elements include an in-store bucking bronco whale ride and a giant window wrap, one window of which allows consumers to donate money, via a touch-screen, to release more fish into the ocean. Donors can then interact with the fish on the Selfridges window and also on a dedicated microsite.

There will also be film screenings, workshops and educational sessions for families taking place in the store, plus frogmen marching the aisles, massive balloon installations and themed t-shirts designed by Katherine Hamnett. Project Ocean will culminate with the GLOBE World Ocean’s Day summit on 8 June.

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Target Kaleidoscope Fashion Spectacular | The Inspiration Room

Target’s Kaleidoscope Fashion Spectacular, run on the side of the Standard Hotel in New York in 2010, has won Gold at The One Show 2011. The light and fashion extravaganza, featuring 66 dancers, was played out in the windows of 156 rooms with 44,640 LED bulbs, and original music from Sam Spiegel. On the street below models wore new autumn fashion from Target outfitters including Mossimo, Merona, Converse and Liz Lange.

The show was designed to entertain the masses and was viewable from the southern entrance of the High Line Park. The 20-minute performance was accompanied by an original soundtrack by Squeak E. Clean, aka Sam Spiegel, performed by a 30-piece orchestra and 10-person chorus. Viewers who could see the show but were not close enough to hear the music could call into a special number (866-500-5046) for the audio.

Click on the image below to play the 5:37 minute Standard Hotel video in YouTube (HD)


Click on the image below to play the 20 minute Target Kaleidoscope Fashion Spectacular video in YouTube (HD)


For those not in the vicinity, or New York for that matter, Target also featured the event on its Facebook page, with online teaser videos, an embedded Twitter application, and a photo gallery to share fashion pics and four live streams of the event, enabling a guest to select his or her view. After the event, the experience showcased each featured look from the show with links to an online shopping site.

Launched on August 18, 2010, the show unfortunately coincided with breaking news of Target’s $150,000 contribution to Minnesota Forward, a political action committee that supports Minnesota Republican Tom Emmer, an opponent of gay marriage and gay rights. The Spectacular campaign was included in TED’s Ads Worth Spreading.


The Target Kaleidoscope Fashion Spectacular was developed at Mother New York.

Filming was shot by director Legs Media. Animation was produced at Eight VFX by lead animator Michael Figge, Amalia Luyet-McMahan and Joe Chiao, executive producer Baptiste Andrieux, producer Marsi Frey.

Music was produced by Sam Spiegel, Squeak E. Clean Productions.

The Facebook site was produced at Olson

Photography by Diane Bondareff and Dan D’Errico at Target.

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