An Early Dawn for London, Courtesy Tropicana – AdAge

As part of its “Brighter Mornings” campaign, Tropicana made the sun rise an hour early in Trafalgar Square, London.

A giant artificial sun with the power of 60,000 light bulbs lit up the area at 6:51 a.m. Monday, an art installation commissioned by the juice brand. The “sun,” with a surface area of 200 square meters and weighing more than 2,500 kilograms, provided four million lumens of light.

Installation artists Greyworld said the piece would be visible from space.

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Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Light Show – Creativity Online

Snowflakes and bubbles.

Snowflakes meet bubbles in this year’s projection mapping spectacular for Saks’ Fifth Avenue flagship store, created by Iris. The light show launched November 21 with a performance by the American Ballet Theater and will run till January 6. It includes opening and closing windows, pipes that come out of the windows and a giant clock which acts as a permanent feature counting down the time until the next projection.

Shoppers can also scan QR codes on the windows of Saks which see them redirected to a mobile site where they can watch the projection and find out about Saks. Saks’ holiday windows are sponsored by FIAT and MasterCard Worldwide.

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Vodafone: Buffer Busters – Creativity Online

Game on.

Swedish agency North Kingdom asks consumers to capture and kill “buffer” monsters for Vodafone Germany. Here’s how it works: The app shows you where buffer monsters — those nasty little things that slow everything down — are located. Once you’re there, you use the augmented reality function on the app to find them and capture them. When your holding cell is full, march on over to a Vodafone store and empty it. In exchange, you get points and badges. The best buffer busters could win three lifetime plans from the phone company.

The idea reinforces Vodafone’s status as the fastest network in Germany.

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JWT Melbourne introduces a literary innovation with Wi-Fiction at Melbourne Writers Festival – Campaign Brief

JWT Melbourne has launched a world-first digital literary innovation at the Melbourne Writers Festival, using Wi-Fi networks to bring short stories to the mobile devices of unsuspecting festival goers.

Called Wi-Fiction, the initiative was created as part of JWT’s brief from Melbourne Writers Festival to make stories more accessible to the public.

Powering Wi-Fiction is ‘Router Writer’, a box full of wireless routers, placed at the epicentre of the week-long festival at Federation Square Atrium.

When the public tried to browse the internet on their smartphone or tablet devices, they were shown a list of Wi-Fi network names which created the Wi-Fiction stories.

Says JWT Melbourne executive creative director Richard Muntz: “Wi-Fiction is a new genre and medium of storytelling which, for the first time, uses Wi-Fi networks as a communication medium. Router Writer was an innovative and ingeniously simple way of bringing the stories to life.”

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Vauxhall Football Supporting a Nation | The Inspiration Room

Vauxhall is promoting its support for Britain’s home nations football teams in a new advertising campaign launched during the England v Bulgaria European Championship qualifying match. The new TV commercial is designed to capture how football brings people together. As football fans spill out onto the streets, covering the length of the UK, through offices, towns and beaches leading up to Wembley Stadium. The advert culminates with the camera panning down the England team line up at Wembley, passing the faces of Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Jack Wilshere and Ashley Cole, Jack Charlton and Peter Shilton, alongside football fans and Vauxhall staff. The campaign is online at and Vauxhall Football Facebook page.

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Ariel Fashion Shoot | The Inspiration Room

Procter & Gamble Nordics is running “Ariel Fashion Shoot”, an interactive campaign centred on a specially built glass popup installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden. For one week, 29 August to 3 September, passers-by can watch as clothes are hung on a washing line, only to be soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam. Visitors to Ariel Sweden’s Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway or Finland equivalents) can win clothes by controlling a specially programmed industrial robot cannon. With designer garments as your targets, your challenge is to hit them as they swish in front of the robot at Stockholm Central Station. It´s easy: aim, stain and win. The stained garment will be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.

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Peugeot 3008 Crossover Could Fly | The Inspiration Room

The Peugeot 3008 Crossover is being promoted in the UK as the car with so much technology you would expect it to fly. The campaign is centred around Peugeot cars appearing to have landed on tall buildings, special build poster sites, and on top of buses, backed up with broadcast, press, posters, radio sponsorship, test drives and an online panoramic view of London. 3008s have landed on significant high footfall buildings in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. Peugeot 3008 vehicles are on display in Westfield, Bull Ring, Trafford, Silverburn and Cabbot’s Circus shopping malls, with a bus Peugeot 3008 attached driving around each venue promoting test drives and competition entries.

The campaign includes a digital experience, online at, using an 80 giga pixels 360 degree panoramic image of London to hide twenty Peugeot 3008 cars for people to find. At stake is the prize of a totally unique flight into space. Clues and teasers are being run through the Peugeot 3008 Facebook page, Peugeot 3008 Twitter channel and a specially designed Peugeot 3008 Tumblr site.

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VitaminWater: Energy Bus Shelter – Creativity Online

Recharging on the go.

Vitaminwater is underlining its energy-boosting powers with interactive bus shelters that allow commuters to recharge electronic devices.

The bus shelters, installed on bus routes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, offer a 5-volt battery powered USB port that allows users to charge mobile phones, music players and gaming devices. They form part of the soft drink brand’s ‘You’re Up’ campaign, underlining its message that it is formulated to provide a quick boost when you are on the go.

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The Audi Design Project

And now we cut the ribbon
By Audi of America on July 13, 2011 8:26 AM
This is a day we’ve been looking forward to for some time. It began with a simple notion that a boldly designed car, like the all-new Audi A7, deserved to drive in a more boldly designed world. To us, that wasn’t just a catchy slogan on a billboard. It was something bigger. A mission. That we could take the same approach to design and innovation and apply it to the world beyond our cars. And that’s exactly what we set out to do when we partnered with the city of San Francisco and the Union Square Business Improvement District to transform two of the most popular blocks in the city to create a better pedestrian experience. On Wednesday, July 13, executives from Audi joined Mayor Edwin M. Lee and representatives from the city and community to cut the ribbon and officially unveil the new Powell Street Promenade.

For those of you who haven’t been following along, we invited renowned architect Walter Hood to design a space that was not only inspired by the Audi A7, but also used the same materials. The result is a space constructed almost entirely from aluminum, inspired by the Audi ASF® frame. The sculpting of the furniture recalls the car’s dynamic lines. Solar towers reflect our company’s strong commitment to efficient and sustainable design solutions by powering our signature LEDs, which have become streetlights. And finally, the high-speed Wi-Fi is something we’ve introduced in our cars as well. In the end, we hope people will experience and interact with Powell Street in a whole new way. It’s a fitting tribute to a city that shares our spirit of progress.

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Interactive Outdoors aimed towards mothers and children

Milwaukee-based COA Youth & Family Centers (COA) is partnering with C-K/Milwaukee to raise awareness of the positive impact parents’ involvement with their child’s education has on chances of success in the classroom. The pro bono campaign brings interactive learning displays, or “guerilla classrooms,” to life around the Milwaukee area.