Sharp idea for WMF Knives – Campaign Brief Asia

McCann Worldgroup Bangkok introduce WMF knives to the younger more tech-savy audience in Thailand.

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Starbucks Augmented Reality App Animates Holiday Cups

Starbucks is launching its first major augmented reality app this holiday season that will let customers animate their coffee cups with their smartphones.

Starbucks Cup Magic launches for iPhone and Android devices in the U.S. next Tuesday. (In Canada, just the iPhone version will launch.) As demonstrated in the video above, the app works by pointing your phone’s camera at the company’s red holiday season coffee cups and 47 additional objects, such as bags of coffee, on display at Starbucks retail locations.

Doing so will produce animations involving five characters — an ice skater, a squirrel, a boy and a dog sledding and a fox — on your screen. You can also interact with the characters. For instance, if you tap the boy on the sled he does a somersault. Those who activate all five characters can qualify to win an as-yet-unnamed prize.

The app also includes traditional and social sharing capabilities. You can the send ecards as well as holiday offers from Starbucks, among other things.

The object, says Alexandra Wheeler, vp-global digital marketing for Starbucks, is to “surprise and delight” customers during the holiday season.

Although Starbucks experimented with an AR app years ago in an ad, Wheeler says this is the first major AR push by the company. The effort follows some other recent AR programs from marketers including an app from Nivea featuring Rihanna and an Amazon app that lets you point your phone at objects and then buy them.

Cup Magic, created by Blast Radius, caps off a year of successful mobile implementations by Starbucks. The brand launched a mobile payment app in January that has been used in more than 20 million transactions and a QR code program designed, like Starbucks Cup Magic, to enhance the in-store brand experience.

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Vodafone: Buffer Busters – Creativity Online

Game on.

Swedish agency North Kingdom asks consumers to capture and kill “buffer” monsters for Vodafone Germany. Here’s how it works: The app shows you where buffer monsters — those nasty little things that slow everything down — are located. Once you’re there, you use the augmented reality function on the app to find them and capture them. When your holding cell is full, march on over to a Vodafone store and empty it. In exchange, you get points and badges. The best buffer busters could win three lifetime plans from the phone company.

The idea reinforces Vodafone’s status as the fastest network in Germany.

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Mentos: Choose Up2U – Creativity Online

Red pill or blue pill?

The Martin Agency and Unit9 London launch a microsite for Mentos’ new line of gum that really puts the choice in your hands. The gum comes in a pack that has two flavors — it’s your choice which one you want to take. The site follows a similar “Up to You” theme with four pairs of films that run in parallel to each other. In one scenario, visitors can decide between being a “Hip Hop Superstar” with Naughty by Nature, or an astronaut. In another, they can either take part in a Japanese Game Show or run from zombies. The unique interface allows users to toggle seamlessly between the two scenarios. A central menu holds all the different combinations of films, each representing one flavor of the Mentos gum.

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Ariel Fashion Shoot | The Inspiration Room

Procter & Gamble Nordics is running “Ariel Fashion Shoot”, an interactive campaign centred on a specially built glass popup installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden. For one week, 29 August to 3 September, passers-by can watch as clothes are hung on a washing line, only to be soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam. Visitors to Ariel Sweden’s Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway or Finland equivalents) can win clothes by controlling a specially programmed industrial robot cannon. With designer garments as your targets, your challenge is to hit them as they swish in front of the robot at Stockholm Central Station. It´s easy: aim, stain and win. The stained garment will be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.

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Philips: Obsessed with Sound – Creativity Online

Hear, hear.

Tribal DDB Amsterdam rejoins Phillips for “Obsession with Sound,” an interactive music experience that shows off the brand’s audio range. The campaign, which is live on the Facebook page, lets you listen to the Grammy-award winning Metropole Orchestra, and single out each musician to hear details of their individual tracks. Singling out a musician also gives you access to their musical tendencies, background and personal Twitter and blog feeds. The idea is to “hear every detail” — something that Phillips says its range of speakers can also achieve.

Alongside the campaign, there’s also a contest that challenges entrants to create their own compositions, which will then be judged by a distinguished jury. The winning track will be arranged and played by the Metropole Orchestra and recorded in a music video.

This follows a string of notable projects from Tribal DDB for Phillips, including the Cannes Grand Prix-winning “Carousel” and the ambitious “Parallel Lines” films.

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VitaminWater: Energy Bus Shelter – Creativity Online

Recharging on the go.

Vitaminwater is underlining its energy-boosting powers with interactive bus shelters that allow commuters to recharge electronic devices.

The bus shelters, installed on bus routes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, offer a 5-volt battery powered USB port that allows users to charge mobile phones, music players and gaming devices. They form part of the soft drink brand’s ‘You’re Up’ campaign, underlining its message that it is formulated to provide a quick boost when you are on the go.

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American Heart Association: Hands-Only CPR – Creativity Online

Get your hands on a hot bod.

The American Heart Association and Gotham want you to to learn CPR on a body of your choosing. Along with the Ad Council, the non-profit launched a website where you can pick a sizzling body to learn CPR on. It walks you through calling 9-1-1, where to place your hands and how to push.

Accompanying the website is a video featuring Ken Jeong set to, you guessed it, “Stayin’ Alive.”

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Interactive Outdoors aimed towards mothers and children

Milwaukee-based COA Youth & Family Centers (COA) is partnering with C-K/Milwaukee to raise awareness of the positive impact parents’ involvement with their child’s education has on chances of success in the classroom. The pro bono campaign brings interactive learning displays, or “guerilla classrooms,” to life around the Milwaukee area.


Interactive McDonalds outdoor