Sharp idea for WMF Knives – Campaign Brief Asia

McCann Worldgroup Bangkok introduce WMF knives to the younger more tech-savy audience in Thailand.

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New Fevicol commercial


That simple LEGO brick – Creativity Online

Nice, whimsical print work from Pereira & O’Dell for that most classic of toys, the LEGO block. A series of print ads that appeared on four consecutive pages show a LEGO brick, accompanied by an imaginative scenario, much what kids (and okay, adults) see when they look at a brick. The shop used kerning typography contrasted with tracking to get the reader more involved in the copy. The fourth ad, seen on the bottom right, featured a yellow brick with blank, notepad lines, with the tagline — “Build Yours.”

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Dulux: It’s all about ‘colourful’ people > afaqs!

After a gap of 10 years, Dulux Paints has launched its first-ever thematic brand campaign for the mother brand. The communication is based on the premise ‘Apna Rang Chhalakne Do’.

Dutch brand Dulux Paints, which recently underwent rebranding, is out with communication that aims to position it as the brand with the ‘colour credentials’. Incidentally, this is the first thematic brand campaign for Dulux Paints after a gap of 10 years; the previous one was released in 2001.

During this decade, Dulux concentrated on building its sub-brands and products such as the Velvet Touch and Weathershield range.

“While Dulux has always stood for premium, high-quality colours and range, it was time to strengthen the colour credentials of the brand and make it assume category leadership, after having built the sub-brands all these years,” says Mrinal Mathur, marketing manager, Dulux Paints.

The commercial to announce the revamped version of brand Dulux has been created by McCann Erickson India, and showcases its endorsers, actors Shahid Kapur and Boman Irani. The ad has Irani instructing his painters to obtain the right shade of red on his home wall, when he is stunned to see a red T-shirt-clad Kapur bringing his daughter home, romancing her in his arms.

He figures out that Kapur is her boyfriend and immediately juxtaposes his distaste for the boy with the shade he is instructing his painter to use, and coins it ‘Rascal Red’, after Kapur. Over a series of conversations, Irani gets to know that Kapur isn’t just a smooth-talking charmer, but also a doctor who knows his work well.

Irani figures ‘Rascal Red’ isn’t a bad colour/person after all. ‘Apna Rang Chhalakne Do’ goes the tagline for Dulux Paints, indicating that the colour on one’s walls is symbolic of personal expression/mood.

“The concept that certain kinds of persons go for certain kinds of colours emerged from our consumer research,” says Mathur. Kapur, on the one hand, appears to be an irreverent charmer, yet the responsible individual, while Irani is about exuberance and energy — all the qualities that Dulux hopes to latch on to, in order to appeal to the youth of today. Dulux hopes to be the brand that celebrates people with different personalities, and therefore, their unique tastes in their choice of paint.

Prasoon Joshi, executive chairperson, McCann Worldgroup India and regional creative director, McCann Asia-Pacific, says, “It is about a deep, metaphoric meaning attached to colours.” When asked if it is treading the same path as brands such as Asian Paints may have done in the past — that of associating paint colour with one’s mood/character — Joshi feels that such a representation of colour is a generic category plank. But, the line ‘Apna Rang Chhalakne Do’ takes things a step further by stating that the colours emanate from each individual, and each of these are different and intricate. “Dulux is at a stage where it can make such a statement,” he adds.

The communication is being supported by radio, outdoor and print, apart from television advertising.

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Ariel Fashion Shoot | The Inspiration Room

Procter & Gamble Nordics is running “Ariel Fashion Shoot”, an interactive campaign centred on a specially built glass popup installation in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden. For one week, 29 August to 3 September, passers-by can watch as clothes are hung on a washing line, only to be soiled by ketchup, drinking chocolate and lingonberry jam. Visitors to Ariel Sweden’s Facebook page (or Denmark, Norway or Finland equivalents) can win clothes by controlling a specially programmed industrial robot cannon. With designer garments as your targets, your challenge is to hit them as they swish in front of the robot at Stockholm Central Station. It´s easy: aim, stain and win. The stained garment will be sent in the post after being washed on-site with regular Ariel Actilift.

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China Wins Press Grand Prix With JWT Ad for Samsonite | Special: Cannes – Advertising Age

Country’s First Grand Prix Is Latest Example of Winning Work by Emerging Markets at Cannes Festival.

China’s determination to improve its creative standing in advertising paid off on Wednesday with the country’s firs Grand Prix, a press ad called “Heaven and Hell” for Samsonite luggage by JWT Shanghai, just three years after mainland China won its first Gold Lion.

So far this has been a remarkable week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for emerging markets that are not usually big medal winners. Romania won its first and second Grand Prix trophies, in the direct and promo categories, thanks to McCann Erickson Bucharest, and Cheil Worldwide is taking home the first Grand Prix for Korea — and Cheil. (After being shut out of the top prize in the first seven contests of the week, the U.S. today swept all three Grand Prix in the Cyber Lions competition, traditionally a strong category for the U.S., and picked up the design Grand Prix, too.)

China has been a quick learner, winning its first Gold Lion in 2008, for an Adidas campaign by TBWA Worldwide, Shanghai. The only other Gold won by an agency in mainland China before this year was a Design Gold in 2010 for DDB Shanghai (Hong Kong agencies have won Gold Lions before, including a press Gold Lion today for a Greenpeace campaign by Leo Burnett Hong Kong and a Gold Lion in 2010 for Grey Hong Kong).

“It’s a huge leap forward for China in the festival,” said Tony Granger, jury president and chief creative officer of Y&R.

What it is: In intricate detail, the top half of the ad depicts heaven, where passengers on an airplane relax in cool, white comfort. The bottom half is hell, or the baggage compartment, full of tormented souls and several sleek, sturdy Samsonite suitcases that can withstand even the inferno. Any traveler whose bag has ever been abused by an airline would be touched by this ad. “It’s a great little demonstration of endurance and quality,” said Sergio Alcocer, president and chief creative officer of LatinWorks and a U.S. judge. “Heaven and Hell” also won a Gold in the Outdoor category yesterday.

Why it won: The jury was looking for a “simple, concise, beautiful idea,” Mr. Granger said. “This is an exceptionally beautiful piece of work. It stood out from the beginning. The easiest part of our decision making was the Grand Prix. It took 10 minutes.”

The jury: Led by Mr. Granger, the jury included a judge from China, Nick Cohn, the executive creative director of Wieden & Kennedy, Shanghai. With the press judging over, Mr. Granger can focus on the other jury he chairs, for the film category.

Controversy or clear winner? Mr. Granger said the Grand Prix choice was made in two quick rounds of voting. In the first one, each judge wrote down his favorite ad on a little piece of paper. Only one ad besides “Heaven and Hell” garnered a few votes, but those judges but came around in the second ballot.

Total number of Lions awarded: Ninety-nine, out of 5,415 entries. One Grand Prix, 10 Gold, 36 Silver and 52 Bronze Lions.

Who else did well: If China hadn’t won, the jury’s second-favorite ad was from another emerging market, the Middle East. The print campaign by Y&R Dubai in the United Arab Emirates showcased fashionable department store Harvey Nichol’s fall/winter collection. Each ad showed an image of a fashion item — like a pair of leopard-print stiletto heels — followed by the words “People who bought this item also bought” and a picture of another object like, in the case of the heels, altitude sickness pills.

Mr. Granger said the most-awarded country was Brazil, with 20 press Lions, followed by Argentina, Germany and, tied for fourth place, Finland and Spain.

Who didn’t do well: The U.S. picked up only Bronze Lions in press this year, for four agencies: Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.; BBDO, New York; Y&R, New York; and U.S. Hispanic agency LatinWorks, Austin, Texas.

What they didn’t like: The stereotypical print ad consisting of a visual and a tiny little logo in the bottom right-hand corner.

What’s ahead: Digital and print are merging. This year, a lot of entries featured QR, or quick-response, codes to download and see a message on a smartphone. “It’s just starting,” Mr. Granger said. “I think next year you’re going to see a huge merging of media, as iTouch technology takes over.”

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BGH Big Noses Discount | The Inspiration Room

BGH in Argentina is promoting its new line of silent air conditioners with “Big Nose”, an integrated advertising campaign offering 25 percent discounts to people with big noses. The new line, with 5 stages of filtered air, was considered to be most helpful to people with big noses. The company worked with Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi to create the nose-o-meter, an in-store device capable of measuring noses. If your nose touches the sensor, an alarm goes off and you win the discount. At online visitors can upload their profile picture, in order to find out if their nose has the chance to win. The site indicates where shoppers can find the nearest nose-o-meter and includes a gallery of noteworthy big noses.


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Supor Giant Wok | The Inspiration Room

Supor’s range of non-stick pans was promoted in China using a giant wok and in-line skaters dressed as prawns, pork, eggs, carrots and fish, outside shopping malls in Shanghai. The food skaters flew up and down a ramp constructed inside the wok to demonstrate the non-stick surface. The campaign led to a 20 percent rise in sales in the selected Shanghai malls, and plans to take the event to other cities across China. The campaign won two Lions at Cannes in 2010, and a Silver Pencil at the 2011 One Show Awards.

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Ikea Will Be Advertiser of the Year at Cannes Festival

Ikea will be named Advertiser of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a tribute to the 50 Lions the marketer has picked up over the last two decades and the dazzling creativity its agencies are still displaying around the world.

“Ikea’s approach to its marketing and communications, with its decentralized structure and strong relationships with many different kinds of agencies, has been hugely successful over many years,” said Philip Thomas, Cannes Lions CEO. “The company’s superb track record at Cannes reveals a clarity of vision and an enviable willingness to allow its agencies to truly flex their creative muscles.”

At last year’s festival, Ikea won a Titanium Lion for “Facebook Showroom,” by its Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors. In a local promotion that was awarded around the world, a store manager at a new Ikea displayed store items on his Facebook page that could be won by the first person to “like” them.

This year Ikea’s agencies around the world continue to do acclaimed work for household furnishings. Here’s a selection from Ad Age’s Creativity:

  • In “Lullabies,” Forsman & Bodenfors created covers of classic Swedish lullabies with six modern artists to sell Ikea beds and mattresses.
  • The Swedish agency also designed the “Best-Baking Book,” a cookbook with luscious baked goods to inspire interest in kitchens.
  • Dutch agency Lenz’s “365″ online campaign debuts a new spot every day because one commercial just isn’t enough to describe all of Ikea’s amazing products.
  • In France, Ikea enlisted La Chose to celebrate the Week for Sustainable Development with “The Mysterious Passenger” whose presence in your Ikea France carpool is enough to win a 1,000 euro gift certificate at the store.
  • Mother London’s “Happy Inside” campaign let 100 cats loose overnight in a U.K. Ikea store and filmed them finding their favorite perches in a cute commercial. An online contest let visitors win furniture by guessing which pieces the kitties liked.

The Advertiser of the Year trophy will be presented in Cannes to Noel Wijsmans, global retail manager and VP of Ikea Group.

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Brastemp Smile Inspires Drivers | The Inspiration Room

Brastemp, the Whirlpool whitegoods manufacturer in Brazil, is running an advertising campaign with the tagline “Inspiration changes everything. And life becomes just like a Brastemp.” “Sorriso” (Smile), a television commercial viewed over 2 million times online since its launch in 2010, shows what happened when eleven Sao Paulo radio stations ran a simultaneous call for inspirational smiles. Drivers caught in early morning peak traffic were invited to smile at the person in the car next to them. The commercial catches the moment and shares the inspiration.

“Right now, millions of people at their cars, listening to the radio. All serious, sleepy, until an inspiration changes everything. We invite you to smile to the driver next to you. If he heard it, he’ll smile back …. See? Inspiration changes everything and life becomes just like… a Brastemp. ” The results can be seen on the films opening scenes of everyday life, people stuck in traffic jams. As soon as they hear the spot, they start looking around, smiling at people around them, interacting. In the end, their lives go on, inspired, taking that moment for the rest of their lives.

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The Smile campaign was developed at DDB Brasil, Sao Paulo, by creative directors Sergio Valente, Moacyr Netto, Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio e Cassio Zanatta, creatives Rodrigo Bombana, Edson Oda e Pedro Gravena, account supervisors Maristela Pati Correa, Sandra Lessa, Daniela Ugolini Butori, Rachel Buzzoleti, advertiser’s supervisors Patricia Muratori, Ana Carolina Esposito, Aline Brazolotto, Marcelo Estevam, Fabio Saad, Ricardo Barros, Guilherme Barbato, Julio Frassei, Paula Soares, planners Carolina Roxo and Camila Lima, media planners Patricia Muratori, Ana Carolina Esposito, Aline Brazolotto, Marcelo Estevam, Fabio Saad, Ricardo Barros,Guilherme Barbato, Julio Frassei, Paula Soares, RTVC producers Gilberto Pires (Gibinha) and Luciano Rocha, project managers Milena Bolognese and Patricia Waissmann, content producers Philippe Bertrand and Daniel Dranger, convergence producer Joca Guanaes, digital intelligence producer Patricia Andrade, social media producer Bruno Tozzini, online producers Juliana Hasegawa, Pedro Rais and Denis Gustavo.

Filming was shot by director Brenno Castro via Paranoid BR with producer Ducha Lopes. Sound was produced at Zeeg2 by producer Gabriel Carrera and Olivia Carrera.

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