Mother Dairy Milk sports a new look

In an effort to add a hint of contemporary to the brand, Mother Dairy Milk has introduced a new packing for its milk pouches. The brand, which has touched base with its consumers in the capital city, every morning at half past five since the last 35 years, sells almost 30 lakh litres of milk per day. And, this is a clear indicative of the high degree of engagement with its consumers, for whom the recognition of the commodity is with the brand.

The new look of the milk pack comprises of village graphics putting on display the journey of the milk from the farm to the consumers’ home. The effort is however, directed towards building on the established trust, quality and uncompromised service that has always been a part of Mother Dairy’s overall branding strategy.

“Our new brand packaging is both impactful and informative in communicating our brand value to end users. Setting a new standard in the dairy industry with this packaging change, we are confident that these products will be enthusiastically received by our consumers. Consumer research shows that villages are synonymous to purity. We have taken this insight and brought it alive in our packaging,” says the official spokesperson of Mother Dairy while outlining the thought process behind the decision to repackage.

The six variants of the brand, which were previously available in different colours, will now receive uniformity in colour and will be differentiated by virtue of the designs on display. This change will be witnessed across all cities where the brand is available namely, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

South Asia’s  based brand consulting and design company, Ray and Keshavan, The Brand Union, is behind the revised look of the milk packs.  “The new milk pack interprets the core promise of purity and trust in an entirely contemporary way. It is always a privilege to work with Mother Dairy because the brand has an Indian heart and soul while meeting the highest global standards of quality,” says Meeta Malhotra, Director of Ray and Keshavan.

Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited (MVPL)has been actively reworking their marketing strategy in the recent past. After Dhara, which launched its new campaign only last week, Mother Dairy milk’s effort to repackage comes as another attempt to maintain standing in a competitive milieu where competition is capable of dwindling long standing loyalties and consumers need to be constantly communicated with.

As one of the market leaders in the branded milk segment in Delhi, Mother Dairy has 1,400 retail outlets and almost 1000 exclusive Mother Dairy outlets.

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Middagsfrid – food packaging

“For the Middagsfrid food packaging series we asked illustrator Peter Herrman to sit down with the client and listen to all that they had to say about their history and future, their ambitions, their products and their production. All this was incorporated into a detailed illustration that is used as a base for all packagings.”


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Dark Matter Coffee | The Inspiration Room

Astronaut Studio, a brand agency in South Dakota, sent out “Dark Matter”, a custom blend of small-batch roasted coffee with original package design developed as a 2011 holiday gift for clients, partners and vendors. The image of the winged horse, inspired by the Pegasus constellation, was formed with actual coffee grounds. The concept and design is a deliberate play on the agency’s astronomical brand identity.

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The Dieline Awards 2011: First Place – Steve’s Leaves – The Dieline

Entrant: Big Fish Design Limited

Country: United Kingdom

Category: Food A

Description: We were asked to create a brand for Britain’s finest salad growers. We found a man in the company who had a degree in watercress. His name was Steve Rothwell. He was clearly the mastermind behind their delicious, tender baby leaves so we suggested naming the brand “Steve’s Leaves”. They loved it. At the time, the salad fixture in supermarkets was one big impenetrable green hedge-like wall where everything looked the same. We seized the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and depicted Steve’s hand picking the leaves on the front with bright colours that reflected the intense flavours of these naturally delicious little leaves. We made the bags “one serve” portion size, which allowed people to mix and match varieties instead of just buying one big bag.

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M Savers – The Dieline

Beautiful example of a two color packaging for a value product line!

“Brand design agency Coley Porter Bell has rebranded Morrisons’ entry level ‘value’ range as part of the retailer’s strategic overhaul of its own-brand offering. The rebrand is part of the biggest design brief in the UK this year. The aim is to strengthen the Morrisons brand and increase the share of its own products bought by customers by transforming Morrisons’ own label into a coherent own-brand. The redesign will roll out over the next 18 months.

The ‘Morrisons Value’ line has been renamed ‘M Savers’ to reflect its consumer benefit. The new designs confidently express the Morrisons brand with an iconic charcoal grey roundel bearing the letter M in white.

This core logo is accompanied by hand-crafted product illustrations of product silhouettes and shapes in a naivist style. Backgrounds are all white but the illustrations are in a range of bright foody colours.

Within the illustrations, simple product descriptors are written in a bespoke type-face created by senior Coley Porter Bell designer Craig Barnes.

So far 350 skus have been redesigned. The new designs and branding will be rolled out to cover the entire range a within the next 2 months.

Stephen Bell , creative director of Coley Porter Bell , said the redesign aims to inject real brand values into Morrisons’ entry level products. “This is value for the times we live in. Value ranges tend to be somewhat utilitarian , using template designs and basic corporate colours. Research shows that consumers are often ashamed to be seen with them. But with the economy stalled for the foreseeable future, value ranges will be competing on more than just price. We wondered why shouldn’t entry level products have some charm and engagement?”

He said that the new designs reflect a change in Morrisons’ entire brand architecture. “Morrisons’ new positioning is all about food culture and a human touch. These designs , which look handcrafted and quirky , contribute to the feeling that even Morrisons’ most humble products have been cared for by people. We’d like people to raise a little smile when they see these designs.

Carol Turner Head of Design for Morrisons said that the changes were not simply cosmetic. ‘Our ambition is to be the brand worth crossing the road for and for the M Savers range the best quality possible at an affordable price. We’ve upped quality and altered the range based on genuine customer feedback through brand panels and now we are injecting real personality into our products through design too. These designs are engaging and completely unique.”"

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Starbucks Holiday Coffee | The Inspiration Room

Starbucks has released its 2011 holiday themed coffee blends, with specially designed packaging for Christmas Blend beans, Holiday Blend beans, Decaf Christmas Blend beans, 30 oz Christmas Blend beans, and Ready Brew Christmas Blend.

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New in the Library

This is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the bestselling Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook. With 100% new content The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook 2 is guaranteed to repeat the runaway success of the original volume. This indispensable sourcebook features 100 new, innovative, and classic packaging and paper engineering ideas across a variety of end uses, with detailed templates showing how to copy, fold, construct, and complete them from widely available materials. The accompanying CD features all of the templates as copyright-free, editable EPS files making The Packaging and Design Templates Sourcebook 2 an invaluable resource for designers, design students, and crafters.


Gatorade Brand Videology

Some brand videos tell grand, sweeping stories that cover every nitty-gritty inch of the brand’s history. Others are more like chapters—offering insights into particular milestones that become interwoven into an even bigger picture—a bigger, richer story.

For GatoradeTether chose to focus on one 16-month period in time. A Tether-perspective on what it’s like to help evolve this global brand into what they are today.

In the end, they created 4 minutes of pure stop motion marvelousness. (Currently, there is no such word; but there should be.) A more intimate story. A story that is solely Gatorade’s. That simply captures the recreation of a brand in motion. One. Fantastic. Frame. At. A. Time.

Gatorade: Brand Videology (short) from Tether on Vimeo.


Mom’s Secret in Thingy Majingy Cover | The Inspiration Room

JWT Johannesburg has won a Silver Pencil at the One Show for “Mom’s Secret”, an in-store campaign for Nestlé Country Fresh Ice Cream. The promotion, run in South Africa, made it easy for mothers to hide the ice cream in her freezer. The insight behind the concept is that when Mom buys a two litre tub of ice cream, the kids (and usually Dad as well) help themselves to the treat, making it harder for Mom to be the so-called “treat gatekeeper”. For each 2 litre tub of Nestle Country Fresh Mom bought, she received a free hidey cover thingy majingy, a cardboard sleeve that, when pulled over the tub of ice cream, turns it into something no kid will ever be interested in. JWT created a fake new brand called “Mom’s”. The range consisted of three extremely unappealing but believable food dishes: Mom’s Brussel Sprouts with garlic, Mom’s Liver Gravy with onion and Mom’s Cauliflower with sour cream.

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Mentos: UP2U Launch – Creativity Online

Mentos is launching a new UP2U gum pack giving buyers not one, but two flavors to choose from. Continuing with this theme, The Martin Agency has launched a campaign that asks consumers to dial in to 1-800-304-UCHOOSE, where they’ll be bombarded with a litany of increasingly ridiculous choices to make. Those who hold out long enough will learn which gum is right for them.

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