BBDO Proximity China extend “The People’s Car Project” making one girl’s hover car idea a reality – Campaign Brief Asia

BBDO Proximity China has released a new viral film in their “The People’s Car Project” campaign for Volkswagen.

The campaign makes the ideas of competition winners a “reality”. Firstly, Volkswagen gathers ideas from the people of China to help innovate future cars. They took one girl’s idea for a hover car and made it into reality.


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BMW Night Vision Ripped | The Inspiration Room

BMW‘s Night Vision system is being promoted in Mexico with a print campaign simulating torn prints. The ads are designed to show how the system “rips” the night apart letting daylight clarity detect people and animals up to a distance of 500 meters.

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Jaguar unveils global ‘alive’ strategy – Brand Republic News

Jaguar has kicked off a global marketing campaign to relaunch itself as a brand that makes drivers feel “alive”.

The campaign, by agency Spark44, part-owned by Jaguar Land Rover, introduces the luxury marque’s “alive” brand positioning, which targets “contemporary and open-minded, sophisticated and daring” consumers.

The campaign’s “machines” TV ad has already rolled out in a number of markets. It explains the development of technology and has a voiceover that warns of machines that want to “replace” people.

It then claims “there is one machine which makes us greater…which is alive as we are”, before cutting to a shot of a Jaguar.

The ad ends with the brand’s new strapline, “How alive are you?”.

The brand-led TV ad is supported by product-led print and online activity. The campaign is set to roll out in the UK next month, with more local tactical activity.

It marks the biggest change to Jaguar’s marketing since its acquisition by Tata Motors for $2.3bn in 2008.

Global communications director Ian Armstrong, who joined this year from Honda, said the campaign aimed to awaken “a sleeping giant”.

He said: “Everyone is aware of Jaguar, but [this campaign will] attract some of that excitement and get away from a more mechanical approach.

“The TV spot focuses on that visceral moment when you press the ignition and the engine roars. We need to articulate what it is the brand stands for.”

A new visual identity for Jaguar will also be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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Surprise: Honda’s ‘Ferris Bueller’ Ad Is Most-Watched on the Web – Ad Age

Now that a great many Super Bowl advertisers are putting their spots on the web early to generate buzz, it means its even harder to break through the clutter. But Honda managed to claim the element of surprise with its “Ferris Bueller”-themed teaser, which collected 4.4 million views last week, more than any other Super Bowl ad, according to Visible Measures.

The spot by RPA features Matthew Broderick delivering a middle-aged man’s rendition of the first line by his iconic ’80s character — “How can I handle work on a day like today?” — leading to rampant speculation about a sequel before Honda was revealed to be behind it. The full version of the ad was then released on Monday.


With dozens of ads already released, threshold to make the top-10 is much higher this year than last, when Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign consisting of viewer submissions vying for cash prizes and placement in the game topped the chart this week last year with just 1.44 million views.

Starcom MediaVest Group and Bluefin Labs projects that by game time 25% of social conversations related to the game will be about ads, compared to 75% about what’s happening on the field. (That’s a shift from a 97%/3% split in conversation about games vs. ads from the period after the NFL playoffs ended to Tuesday of this week.)

Three other Super Bowl entries made the list this week, including a minute-long teaser for Volkswagen‘s “The Bark Side,” by Deutsch, Los Angeles, in second place with 3.1 million views. It features a chorus of dogs barking out Darth Vader’s theme and represents a continuation of last year’s play on “Star Wars” from the viral smash “The Force,” which centered on a little boy dressed up as Darth Vader. The full spot won’t appear until the game.

In sixth place is the Super Bowl campaign for the tire brand Bridgestone with 1.5 million views. It includes various spots, but the most-viewed is a minute-long Super Bowl teaser featuring Tim Duncan, Deion Sanders and Troy Aikman.

And debuting in ninth place is Audi’s “Vampire Party,” showing a vampire man packing a cooler of blood to meet his friends for a night-time barbecue in the woods… and then killing them all with his bright LED headlights.

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Chevy Happy Grad | The Inspiration Room

Chevrolet is running “Happy Grad”, the winner of the Route66 competition, during the Super Bowl XLVI. Directed by New York director Zach Borst, the commercial features a high school grad who mistakenly thinks his parents have given him a yellow Camaro, only to have the neighbour, the car’s actual owner, drive away in it. The ad was submitted to the contest at Borst also receives $25,000 from the General Motors brand for the ad, which he filmed on location in Floral Park, N.Y., in just four hours.

During the Chevy Route 66 contest, filmmakers from 32 countries submitted 400 scripts and 198 films for consideration. “We asked filmmakers to depict life’s journey and how Chevrolet is there along the way,” Joel Ewanick, GM’s global chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “When I saw Zach’s spot, I had to laugh because the situation is something many families can relate to—expectation and reality.”


The Route 66 campaign was Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Filming was shot by director Zachary Borst at Goat Farm Films, with director of photography Michael Ilkiw

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How VW Conducted Its Canine Chorus – AdAge

Notable orchestras have long interpreted John Williams’ familiar “Star Wars” score, and in the ’70s, Bill Murray appeared on “Saturday Night Live” singing his version of the theme: “Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, give me those Star Wars!”

Mr. Murray has now been upstaged by … the dogs.

Last week, Volkswagen and Deutsch, Los Angeles, unveiled a 60-second Super Bowl teaser on YouTube and then on broadcast TV during an episode of “The Middle” on ABC. The spot stars mutts barking a canine rendition of “The Imperial March,” aka “Darth Vader’s Theme,” the track featured in last year’s VW Super Bowl darling, “The Force.”

The dozen dogs, selected from a pool of 40 who “auditioned,” were chosen not for their vocal chops but, in some cases, for their resemblance to “Star Wars” characters, according to Tim Mahoney, chief product and marketing officer for Volkswagen of America. “See if you can find Chewbacca,” he said, adding, “If you have a pet in the house, this ad drives them crazy.”

The idea behind “The Bark Side” was to create an ad to promote an ad. “We were among a few brands last year who pre-released our Super Bowl ad, and the feeling was we were ahead of the pack,” said Mark Hunter, chief creative officer for Deutsch, apparently with no pun intended. “So this year, it’s what can we do to continue to set media trends.”

Mr. Hunter said “The Bark Side” is about “giving you enough information to whet your appetite. It would be a strange teaser if it didn’t reflect what was coming.”

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Last Words Warning from Fiat | The Inspiration Room

Fiat in Brazil used the last words of well known figures in a print advertisement highlighting the dangers of texting and driving. Salvador Dali, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Julius Caesar, Charles Darwin, Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Type their last words into your phone while you drive and you’ll be history…


The Last Words campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Tailor Made by creative director Marcelo Reis, art director Murilo Melo, copywriter Julio D’Alfonso, typographer/illustrator Mário Niveo, account managers Cíntia Mourão, Raphael Pinho, Daniela Ferreira and Eduardo Crepaldi, planners Marcello Magalhães and Tiago Lara, media managers Fernando Sales, Daniela Franco, Leonardo Gomes, Thais Galluci and Caio Lima.

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Mini Adventure in All The Wrong Places | The Inspiration Room

BMW is running “All The Wrong Places”, an advertising campaign featuring the new MINI Coupé and MINI Roadster. A series of five films features the Coupe and Roadster driven in adventurous settings: Sunday in Rio, Wednesday in Hong Kong, Tuesday in Iceland, Saturday in Istanbul, with one more to come. The campaign is moving on now with the challenge of Facebook fans joining host Elliott Bambrough in in Japan, Peru, South Africa, Sweden and Jamaica. Five intrepid co-pilots from the MINI Facebook community, signed up through the All The Wrong Places Facebook page, will appear in videos on MINI’s Facebook page, on, on the MINI Youtube channel, and on the VICE website

It’s just another Wednesday in Hong Kong and “Love is in the Air.” Trouble is, the troublemakers here are having a hard time sharing. Could it just be the new MINI Coupé everyone’s after? Click on the image below to play the Wednesday in Hong Kong video in YouTube (HD)

All dressed up with one really outrageously awesome place to go? Say hello to the new MINI Coupé — With the right wingman, there’s action around every corner. Even on a Sunday. Click on the image below to play the Sunday in Rio “Carnival” video in YouTube (HD)

A nose for exotic exploits can lead to some tricky situations. Luckily the cockpit of the new MINI Coupé is a perfect place for adventure — and escape. Can this MINI Coupé driver skirt the icy situation he finds himself in? Click on the image below to play the Tuesday in Iceland (Hitchhiker) video in YouTube (HD)

In “Another Day. Another Adventure” the lust for adventure takes the new MINI Roadster to the metropolis of Istanbul. The rising sun over the Bosporus offers plenty of potential for following less familiar paths. As the campaign claim announces, the “Saturday in Istanbul” spot once again presents a very special challenge for the new MINI Roadster. Click on the image below to play the Saturday in Istanbul video in YouTube (HD)

The successful market launch of the MINI Coupé is being followed by that of its accomplice, the new MINI Roadster. The new MINI Roadster is the first open-top two-seater in the MINI family to be equipped for any experience. With its special licence to go on a new adventure each day, it’s the equal of its accomplice, the MINI Coupé, in every way. The fifth episode with the new MINI Roadster offers the last chance to experience an extraordinary adventure with the latest member of the MINI family. From 21 November 2011, MINI fans will be able as usual to upload their personal profile to Facebook, at, and to tell MINI why they are the perfect co-pilot for the turbulent excursion with the MINI Roadster.

Episode 1 of ALL THE WRONG PLACES features co-pilot Maggie Stoody travelling to the land of the rising sun with Elliott Bambrough to discover the culture of Dekotora truck customization. Click on the image below to play the teaser video in YouTube (HD)

The accompanying print advertisements and posters also awaken a desire for adventure with the MINI Roadster. The print campaign shows the youngest member of the MINI family alone or with its accomplice, the MINI Coupé.


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Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Roof | The Inspiration Room

Volkswagen UK is marking the return of the Golf Cabriolet after nine years away from market with an advertising campaign centred in nostalgia. “Roof”, the television commercial at the centre of the campaign, takes viewers back to the childhood days of dogems, pedal cars and go-karts. “Remember how the cars you had most fun in never had a roof?”

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Nissan Micra is the ‘urban driving simplifier’ in new television campaign out of TBWA\India – Campaign Brief Asia

TBWA\India has just launched a new television campaign for Nissan’s innovative B-segment offering, the Nissan Micra. Positioned as the ‘urban driving simplifier’, the Nissan Micra is packed with features that make driving on city roads less stressful, leaving the car owner far happier at the end of the journey. The new campaign features Ranbir Kapoor, the brand’s ambassador in India, in a series of commercials bringing alive different aspects of the car that make it the ideal city car.

Talking about the unique approach in the campaign, Rahul Sengupta, National Creative Director, TBWA\India said, “We all reminisce about the good old days. Old songs, old movies – the way our lives used to be simple. Ranbir Kapoor takes the help of Kishore Kumar, RD Burman and Rafi to drive home a solid point. In a category where brands try and outdo each other in being set in the future, here’s a campaign that goes back in time to make a powerful statement about the future, even as it creates the need for a ‘urban driving simplifier’.”

Nirmalya Sen, Managing Director, TBWA\India added – “If the previous campaign was about a car like no other, this one will establish why the Nissan Micra is a brand with a purpose – to help people drive around the crowded city with a smile on their faces and a song on their lips. The brief we worked with was simple – ‘We cannot change the city, but we can make driving in it a pleasure.’

Dinesh Jain, CEO, Hover Automotive Limited added – “The communication is path breaking and has not been attempted before in this segment. It has great stand out appeal and will help achieve the objectives for the campaign.”

The new campaign comes on the back of the launch campaign that ran till a few months back. Commenting on the previous campaign, Dinesh added – “The Nissan Micra launch campaign generated a tremendous response. The campaign gave us high awareness scores and very high purchase consideration in the Target segment. While Nissan may currently be best known for the Micra, it has created a strong brand platform of Innovation to launch new products in future.”

The new Television commercials have been produced by Red Ice and directed by Ayan Mukerji, the maker of Wake Up Sid.

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